Who We Are

Quality Foods has been serving the community of Wayne and the surrounding areas under the ownership of Pat and Amy Riesberg since September 2009.  We are the only full service grocery store in Wayne known for our exceptional customer service which includes free carryout service.  Only a month after the previous owners closed the store, the Riesberg's reopened the store bringing nearly 20 years of experience to the store, as well as a love for the community.

In February 2011, Quality Foods was named an IGA Five Star store, based on a rigorous evaluation by IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance).  Five Star is the highest honor a store can achieve and reflects an exceptional supermarket.  The rating is based on an examination of the store appearance, customer service, support and involvement in the local community, and many other factors.

Quality Foods is warehoused by Affiliated Foods Midwest, a member-owned cooperative providing independent grocers with a full range of foods, supermarket supplies and services throughout several states in the Midwest.  We are also the only store in Wayne offering IGA goods for our private label groceries.  Every week we provide a huge variety of sale items which are published in the Morning Shopper, and will soon be available on our website.

As a locally owned store with corporate resources and employees who care, Quality Foods stands head and shoulders above the competition, and is well equipped to be YOUR shopping headquarters!

As the Assistant Manager at Quality Foods, Rick Chavanu has established himself as the nicest guy in Wayne.  

In February 2011, Rick was presented with the 1st Quarter Congeniality Award by the Wayne Chamber of Commerce.  Rick embodies customer service and concern for the community, greeting every customer by name and even taking an interest into the personal lives of customers.  

Rick is a perfect example of the kind of employees we value at Quality Foods/IGA.

Supermarket a dream for Riesberg Family

By KATIE KASL Of The Herald

In 1975, a cornfield east of Main Street was turned into a grocery store.  Now, almost four decades later, that same supermarket is still there and, while it still carries many of the staples it did in the 70s, there's more to the store in 2013 –especially for Pat and Amy Riesberg.  "I'm living every little girl's dream," Amy, who runs Quality Foods with her husband Pat, said. "I work with the man I love. I get to play store. I get to work in the kitchen. What little girl doesn't want to do that?"  

Her journey into the grocery business in Wayne actually started on the other end of town at Pac 'N' Save, where she began working in 2003. At the time, her husband Pat was already an employee there, having gotten his start with parttime truck unloading during his college years. When he graduated in the early 90s with a degree in business management, the supermarket's owners, Don and Nancy Endicott, asked him to become their produce manager.  From there, Pat worked his way to assistant manager and was on track to take over Pac 'N' Save as soon as Don and Nancy decided they were ready to move on. When their son Adam returned to Wayne after spending time in the south, and his parents passed the business onto him, Pat had to take another route – one that would eventually lead him to Quality Foods and one that was paved, in part, by the Endicotts themselves.  

"Don was instrumental in helping us," Pat said.  With guidance from their former boss, the Riesbergs took over the supermarket in 2009, becoming its third set of operators after Randy and Jill Brenner.  "The town's more familiar with the store than us," Pat said.  Though the building has been a part of Wayne longer than the Riesbergs have, that hasn't stopped them from leaving a positive mark on the community. Their goal, Pat explained, is not to become wealthy via Quality Foods but, rather, to give people a comfortable place to work and shop.  "We're not into big fancy things," he said. "We're down-to-earth and Christianbased."  So Pat, Amy and the rest of their staff keep things customer-oriented. There's a DVD rental kiosk at the store that proves just this, and while it isn't exactly profitable for the business, it does provide a service to the community, one that is obvious through the influx of orange DVD cases that come and go on a regular basis.  There's also the market's carry-out service.  On days when a customer buys more in the store than they can carry out to their car in a single load, it's not a problem; one of the employees will help you out.  "I think it's just a neat service to have (and lends) more towards the small-town feel," Pat said. 

 After growing up in Crofton, he's used to that feeling and has found that the close-knit market community that exists there also exists here. Wayne, he explained, offers the comforts of a big city without the traffic and crime.  "Everything about Wayne I like," Pat said.  And the city, it appears, likes the Riesbergs and their business right back.  "I think the community support is fantastic," Pat said. "(It's) just super good."  A week after an EF-4 tornado ripped through the east part of town, the Riesbergs and their staff returned the support by sporting matching gray T-shirts, the proceeds of which were used to benefit victims of the storm.  "I've always liked the community," Pat said. "I've been here 20-plus years." 

 And now, he and his wife are in a position to be here 20-plus more. The Riesbergs have two sons – ages 11 and 13 – and though it might be too soon to plan on passing the business down to them ("One would rather play with Legos," Amy joked), they're happy with what they have: their employees, their dedication to customer service and, of course, their food.  Between the stocked aisles and the deli with home-cooked meals that brings in a good lunch crowd, there's always food. "That's what pleases me," Amy said.  "Food's a good comfort.  Hopefully, it's a comfort to others."